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Our message is to find and create a total solution for a better living environment, protect nature and maintain the sustainability of our lives.

Starting with stepping into the oil and gas service industry, we have reached many contracts with foreign investment companies in Vietnam such as: ExxobMobile Unique Vietnam, Total gas Vietnam, BP exploration, Elf gaz Saigon, Petronas Vietnam, members of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group ..., customers in other fields such as Vietnam Miwon, Ajinomoto Vietnam, Toyota Vietnam Motor Co., Ltd. Nestle Vietnam, Viet Nhat Gas Company ... on the supply of materials, equipment and services: LPG tanks, Ammonia, LPG gas mixers, hydrogen gas production machines, monitoring and measuring systems of internal gas concentrations industrial, LPG tanker, fuel filling system, LPG fueled cars, CNG ...

With our reputation for quality and service, we have gained the confidence to become a distributor in Vietnam of the world's leading equipment manufacturers: LEISTER Technology (Switzerland), MTM Srl (Italy), TABO INCINERATOR AB (Sweden), KLINGER (Australia), NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD (Japan) and also a distributor of many other manufacturers.

The ambition to build a clean, civilized, modern and cost-effective burial model for everyone helps us to pioneer in designing, consulting, providing equipment installation, investment and transportation. operating cremation centers and modern green cemetery parks in Vietnam.

The desire for a better living environment has inspired us to step into the areas of environmental protection and green energy use by bringing modern technology in the fuel conversion industry. For cars, use the abundant energy source of biogas, biomass, apply solar energy to daily life.

The purpose of protecting people's lives is safe, avoiding deadly accidents, so we bring solutions to check the types of toxic gas analyzers, explosive gas everyday in industrial labor life and in everyday family life at home.

We are committed to continuing to diversify our products and services to meet our goals, and further improve the quality of services to meet our requirements and exceed expectations. of the customer.


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